Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blip fest relations chapter 1

As promised, while passively celebrating the 2008 blip festival in New York. Im posting some links, chatter and downloads for all you interested in or curious about the world of bitmusic.

First- Im gonna kick you off with a link to virginia based Receptors and some free albums/tracks put up for free download via Receptors have previously played Blipfest in 2006, but also showcased at festivals like Iceland Airwaves and SWSX in Texas. Receptors is mainly run and directed by artist/producer Jeremy Kolosine, whom amongst many projects also is one of the guilty brains of the more commercially aimed bitmusic release - "8-Bit Operators - an 8-bit Tribute to Kraftwerk" released by Astralwerks/Emi.

Secondly- Heres a link to the Receptors + Weblabel ops releases that are for free download. Amongst those, Pharmacom doing bitversions of all the classics like beethoven, bach and haydn.

Third- i wanted you to have the chance to listen to a neat interview with Jeremy Kolosine, him talking about bitmusic/chiptunes including his involvement as executive producer on the 8 bit operators release - An 8bit tribute to Kraftwerk. Listen to that over at Npr by cliking here.

More comin, later.

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